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Get to Know Our Wichita Auto Repair Shop

Affinity Automotive Services, started in a garage after hours—in fact, our name used to be After Hours Auto Repair! But, in 2009, we changed to normal business hours, and over the years, our customers suggested we should change our name to reflect who we are today. Well, a big part of our business is listening to our customers! So, that’s what we did, and we officially became Affinity Automotive Services in 2018.

Why Affinity, You Ask?

The definition of “affinity” is a natural liking or caring for someone or something. This word summed it up for our customers, and through surveys a decision was made. Thank you, Wichita, for all your ideas and support over the years. We will continue to provide the best auto repair service in the Wichita area because of every one of you!

A Family-Owned Auto Repair Shop Dedicated to Quality & Service

Since 2008, Affinity Automotive Services has been giving the people of Wichita an auto repair shop they can depend on for honest car care advice and top-notch customer service. We are proud that many of our customers come to us through word of mouth because our reputation is built on honesty and dependability. As an auto repair shop, we love that we can help people, cheer them through life, and make sure our customers’ vehicles are in the best shape to meet their needs and achieve their goals. We also love getting to know other independent auto repair shop owners, so we can share stories and experiences.

Meet Our Auto Repair & Service Team

  • Mark Guerrero II
    Mark Guerrero IIOwner & Master ASE-Certified Technician

    My passion started earlier in life for cars, motorcycles or anything that had a motor and wheels, I grew up around all of them and started working on everything at the age of 14 but it really started with my 1st car a 71 Nova (which I still have today). I quickly learned that you cannot not just rip something apart before knowing the specifics on putting it back together "correctly" this knowledge came from my parents and friends of my parents that were in the industry and nothing really peaked my interest or gave me more satisfaction than cars, motorcycles, and the accomplishment from having something that doesn't run, turn into something that does. I only dreamed of owning my own shop one day. Summer always told me "it will happen one day, we just have to work towards it." So I worked in the dealerships and would take notes as to how I could make the customers experience better or the things I felt was missing for the technicians. After working in the industry for over 12 yrs, we had consulted with professionals and prepared to open a shop. March 2008 the doors to After Hours Auto Repair opened. I couldn't be any happier with how we have grown, the customers we have met and got to know and building a team to accommodate to our customers needs and wants. I believe that continued training is extremely important, to keep up with the quickly evolving technology in this industry and with the consumer. 2018 we decided to change the name of the company. Our customers are a large part of our decisions in the growth of the company. When they speak, we listen. Our services changed for the demand of our customers and the name just wasn't as fitting as Affinity - definition a natural liking or caring for someone or something . Now we have a name that is suitable for any growth in the future.

  • Summer Guerrero
    Summer GuerreroOwner, Vice President & ASE-Certified Technician

    Mark and I have been together since we were 16 years old, seeing his passion in helping people and gift of diagnosing and training others to repair a vehicle made me want to make a difference in the automotive industry. I am a Army Iraq War Veteran, and served as a fire fighter for 15 years. I enjoy building relationships and finding out how I can help our customers either by educating them about their cars or by giving recommendations of others whom we trust in the industry to help them if we can't. When you walk into our shop you will feel welcome and at home in the family atmosphere we provide. I also enjoy public speaking about passed experiences both personal and business and working with young entrepreneurs, to help build our country's future.

  • Sam
    SamASE-Certified Technician

    After living in Wyoming for 11 years, Sam moved back to Wichita to start a life and a family with his wife. They chose Wichita because most of their family lives here, and it seemed like an all-around great place to live. In Sam’s own words, “Working for Affinity Automotive Services is like having a second family. There is never a dull moment when you get to do what you love, with great people that are always willing to help you better your skills and add to your knowledge.”

  • Daniel
    DanielASE-Certified Technician

    Daniel has always had an interest in the technical and service side of the automotive field, and he is now an ASE-certified auto repair technician, specializing in American vehicles and light-duty diesel trucks. He takes pride in the work he performs on our customers’ vehicles. In Daniel’s own words, “I like the friendly family atmosphere at Affinity Automotive Services. I also like the inspection and note taking system. It lets us explain things thoroughly and in a way a customer can understand. I enjoy the clean and organized shop and, especially, the ongoing training, which allows us to have more accurate diagnostics and auto repairs for our customers.”

  • Aaron
    AaronService Advisor

    Aaron has been in the automotive industry for 12 years, he started out as a lube technician, moved up to a full time technician and enjoyed what he did so much he wanted to work with the customers. His main goal is to take care of his customers and build relationships. When not at work he loves to spend time with his wife and son.

  • Jim

    Jim has been in the industry for a little over 20 years, cars are his passion, along with cars he build custom bikes, trucks, restore antiques. He is well-known in the car show area through his custom builds. He spends time giving back during the holidays to kids in need through toy runs etc. If you can't find him at home or in his personal shop he will be at the lake, car shows or the race track.