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What is the difference in working at a dealership versus an independent shop as an automotive technician?

Dealerships hire in abundance, more levels of technician, they work on the same makes and models of vehicles. Training is only Make specific for that make only. Tools and equipment for that make only. Quantity is important, Technicians make more the more cars they move through. They do work on other makes and models, but typically sub- contract the work out to independent shops due to not having the right equipment or tools. Dealerships work for the Manufacture specifically. They handle recalls, and warranties at a lower pay to the technician, the goal is to keep the consumer in that make of vehicle purchasing new every 6-10 years.  You are a number not a member. Most don’t offer health benefits. Your daily routine is the same.     Independent shops hire for specific characteristics and shop environment needs and must have a knowledge base for multiple makes and models of vehicle.  Just like the ... read more

What is the difference between a Mechanic and an Automotive Technician?

A mechanic is seen as someone who would approach the vehicle, as a mechanical object. Automotive Mechanics take everything apart and try to look for the signs of the problem, usually replacing a part to see if it fixes it.   Auto technicians are seen as  doctors for cars and trucks, Automotive technicians  listen to the symptoms,  use computers and technology to perform a diagnosis on a vehicle. Kind of like EKG’s and MRI’s to the body but for cars. They use high-level equipment to extract live data, and identify issue areas accurately and replace only the parts that are broken. There are different skill and experience levels of technicians. Another key difference between mechanics and automotive technicians is how they acquired their education and experience. A mechanic usually works from their personal garage, and could work at a sh ... read more

What you need to know about Vehicle Extended Warranties?

What you need to know about Vehicle Extended Warranties Rather you are purchasing a used vehicle or just looking to have extra protection to help pay for breakdowns on a higher mileage vehicle, there are a few things you should be aware of  If purchasing a vehicle with low miles and adding an extended warranty make sure the vehicle is out of the manufacture warranty or the coverage starts at the mileage it stops, we have came across a few that the customer already has coverage with the manufacturer for the 1st 30,000 miles but the extended coverage was up to 35,000 miles. So they paid for coverage they already had.  Some manufacturer powertrain warranties are in place for 60,000-100,000 miles, check with your manufacture for the details for coverage. Read the contract, don’t just go off what someone says is covered. Most extended warranty companies have specific coverage, and even though it says covers all but it is usually verbiage specific so if it isn’t in w ... read more

TPMS Light (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS Light (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

  It’s that time of year again, The weather is up and down and there is a pesky light that comes on and off all the time. We usually see it more around the season’s changing. (see the picture on the right) It is called a TPMS light (tire pressure monitoring system) If you see this light or the message come up to check tire pressures, the tire pressures may need to be adjusted, you may have a leak in a tire, or a faulty monitoring system. Weather is a huge facture in this light coming on. Air pressure expands and contracts with hot and cold. You can find what pressure your tires are supposed to be at in the door jam on the driver’s front door. It should look like this see picture below. If you adjust the tire pressure, there is a plus or minus of 3-5 pounds of pressure before the light comes back on. Keep in mind when you drive the tires heat up and the air may expand so if you can keep it ... read more



What to look for while shopping for a used vehicle

What to look for while shopping for a used vehicle

Are you looking to purchase a new used vehicle? Because we care, we want you to know what to look for in your investment and for the safety of your family. You don’t have to know a lot about cars to ensure you are getting something safe, so here are a few tips to look for while shopping. Make sure the vehicle has a clean title. If the title is not clean it will state it on the title, non-highway use, or salvage. This means it is not road worthy to be driven on the streets. We are seeing a lot of rebuilt vehicles, at one point it had been deemed salvaged and someone has put it back together enough for it to be okay to drive on highways and the streets. These are more difficult to see unless you pull a carfax report – it does not always tell you everything, the dealer or seller states to you it was salvage or you see the title. In the state of Kansas once a title is salvaged it stays a salvaged title. How does a vehicle become a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle? If a vehicle has ... read more

What does your car need from you right now?

I am sure a lot of you have been following the stay at home orders from COVID-19, either working from home, furrowed, laid off, or you are an essential person needed daily out in the field.  It is important that we keep transportation safe and reliable, and protect your investment so it is at the ready for any situation. I wanted to share what can happen from your vehicle sitting for as little as a week without moving. Depending on the quality, age and tread depth of your tires you could get flat spots from sitting in one  spot too long. This could cause a vibration that with the same factors could not be reverted back to original shape. Condensation could build up in all your fluids and break down the quality and lubrication of the fluid. This is very tough on some of the rubber components such as seals, gaskets, and diaphragms in your engine and brake system ... read more

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