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Mark Guerrero II - Owner & Master ASE-certified Technician | Affinity Automotive Services Inc.

Mark Guerrero II

Owner & Master ASE-Certified Technician

My passion started earlier in life for cars, motorcycles or anything that had a motor and wheels, I grew up around all of them and started working on everything at the age of 14 but it really started with my 1st car a 71 Nova (which I still have today). I quickly learned that you cannot not just rip something apart before knowing the specifics on putting it back together "correctly" this knowledge came from my parents and friends of my parents that were in the industry and nothing really peaked my interest or gave me more satisfaction than cars, motorcycles, and the accomplishment from having something that doesn't run, turn into something that does. I only dreamed of owning my own shop one day. Summer always told me "it will happen one day, we just have to work towards it." So I worked in the dealerships and would take notes as to how I could make the customers experience better or the things I felt was missing for the technicians. After working in the industry for over 12 yrs, we had consulted with professionals and prepared to open a shop. March 2008 the doors to After Hours Auto Repair opened. I couldn't be any happier with how we have grown, the customers we have met and got to know and building a team to accommodate to our customers needs and wants. I believe that continued training is extremely important, to keep up with the quickly evolving technology in this industry and with the consumer. 2018 we decided to change the name of the company. Our customers are a large part of our decisions in the growth of the company. When they speak, we listen. Our services changed for the demand of our customers and the name just wasn't as fitting as Affinity - definition a natural liking or caring for someone or something . Now we have a name that is suitable for any growth in the future.

Summer Guerrero - Owner, Vice President & ASE-certified Technician | Affinity Automotive Services Inc.

Summer Guerrero

Owner, Vice President & ASE-Certified Service Consultant

Mark and I have been together since we were 16 years old, seeing his passion in helping people and gift of diagnosing and training others to repair a vehicle made me want to make a difference in the automotive industry. I am a Army Iraq War Veteran, and served as a fire fighter for 15 years. I enjoy building relationships and finding out how I can help our customers either by educating them about their cars or by giving recommendations of others whom we trust in the industry to help them if we can't. When you walk into our shop you will feel welcome and at home in the family atmosphere we provide. I also enjoy public speaking about passed experiences both personal and business and working with young entrepreneurs, to help build our country's future.

Seth - ASE Certified Technician | Affinity Automotive Services Inc.


ASE Certified Technician

I grew up at a race track watching my dad race circle track cars and he built street rods at home in the garage. This created my passion for cars starting at a very young age. As an adult I went to school for Automotive Technology and started my career as a Technician, I build cars myself in my free time and love to spend quality time with my wife and daughter.

What I love most about working at Affinity Automotive Services is how much the owners invest in their technicians professionally and personally. I love the amount of training they offer from weekends out of town to hands on training at the shop. I always love coming to work because of the people I get to spend my day with and being a part of a shop with such high integrity.

Sharkey - ASE Master Certified Technician | Affinity Automotive Services Inc.


ASE Master Certified Technician

Growing up my family fixed our own cars and sometimes the neighbor's cars too. I have always enjoyed fixing cars and helping people keep their cars running GREAT! I have made car repair a great career to be in. I moved from Utah back to Wichita to be closer to my parents. I love working in the independent shop for the family environment. I love training, and keeping up with the evolution of cars and tools are a obsession of mine.

What I like most about working at Affinity Automotive Services is the professional care and service customers receive when they bring their car to us. The transparency of our inspections and notes to the customer helps a customer make good choices on their vehicle repairs.

Alfredo | Affinity Automotive Services Inc.


I love working hard, I love challenges and I also love tools. I come from a family of many generations of technicians. I plan on learning as much as I can to be the best technician that I can be.

What I like best about working at Affinity Automotive Services is it is a very clean, honest and professional workplace. I always feel welcome and happy to come to work.

The Service Advisor's role is very important to the success of the business. You are the image and representation of the company.

The primary job of the Service Advisor's position is honestly helping customers, advising the recommended services and repairs made by the technicians based on the customers needs, goals, and desires while upholding the standards of the company and helping customers make educated decisions on the repairs. This role also assists in the administrative and marketing aspects of the business.

The Automotive Technicians role is very important to the reputation, production and income of the business.

The primary job of the Automotive Technician at Affinity Automotive Services, Inc is to properly Inspect, diagnose, repair and maintain volumes of vehicles that are fixed correctly and honestly the first time, on time, every time. Additional services needed are noted in writing and recommended in the order of priority to keep the customers vehicles performing well and in safe working condition.

The Operations Shop Foreman and Office Management's role is critical for maintaining balance of customer service and internal production for the growth of the company.

The primary job of the leadership role is maintaining clean, up to date, safe and operating equipment, updating software and leading the next generation of leaders, training, advising, conducting quality control, handling situations as they arise with integrity and ethics to the forefront.

Our staff act and work as professionals above the industry standards in order to deliver an honest, accurate and excellent product to our customers.

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